Rainald Lohner

Rainald Lohner
Unit: College of Science
Department: School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences
Hubs: International and National Security
Phone: 703-993-4075
Location: MSN: 6A2, 340 Research Hall, Fairfax, Va. 22030
Office Hours: Email me

Recent Publications

R. Löhner and J.D. Baum - An Assessment of Architecturally Appealing, Semi-Open Shock Mitigation Devices; Engineering Computations 29, 1, 19-30 (2012).
R. Löhner - Improved Error and Work Estimates for High Order Elements; AIAA-12-0291 (2012).
R. Löhner, F.F. Camelli, J.D. Baum and A. Corrigan - Large-Scale Blast Calculations on GPU Clusters; AIAA-12-0565 (2012).
S. Torbert and R. Löhner - Checkpointing Schemes for Adjoint Methods and Strongly Unsteady Flow; AIAA-12-0572 (2012).

Courses Taught

Computational Fluid Dynamics I,II
Seminar on Computational Fluid Dynamics
Foundations of Computational Sciences


Video produced by George Mason University in 2008 on the Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Researchers Unveil New Blood Flow Simulation System

Researchers at George Mason University’s Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics recently unveiled a first of its kind patient-specific blood flow simulation system that was assembled by Phillips Medical Systems using software components developed at Mason. The cutting-edge technology has the potential to improve diagnostics and treatments for millions of Americans who are affected by brain aneurysms — saclike bulges in the blood vessels — each year. A multi-disciplinary team comprised of Mason’s computational scientists, Inova Fairfax Hospital’s neuroradiologists, and Phillips Medical System’s engineers, produced the application to provide neurologists with hemodynamic (blood flow) information that is believed to be of fundamental importance for understanding the evolution and rupture process of brain aneurysms.

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