School of Public Policy

School of Public Policy

Acting Dean, Mark J. Rozell

Research Council: Jonathan Gifford
Centers, Faculty, Grants
Acronym: SPP Unit Profile Phone: 703-993-2275
Location: 3351 Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22201


Since its inception, George Mason University’s School of Public Policy (SPP) has earned a reputation as the only school where students can learn from the brightest minds in policy while working in one of the world’s major centers for policymaking.

Originally established in 1990 as an institute within George Mason University, the program quickly grew and became a school in July 2000. Since that time, the School of Public Policy has been the fastest growing unit within the university. Enrollment has increased more than 70%, even as admission standards have become more stringent.

The School has earned national distinction, and attracts talented students from traditional disciplines such as political science, economics, sociology, geography, history, mathematics and the sciences, to professional fields such as public administration, education, law, journalism, engineering, and medicine.

The School also attracts the most experienced and accomplished faculty members. Leaders in their respective specialties, and using a more transitive approach to education, these real-world experts lead practical application studies in a teaching role that more closely resembles a comprehensive mentorship.

The unparalleled quality of the teaching team appeals to more than just exceptional students. It also encourages substantial financial support from major corporate partners and policymakers in all levels of private and public organizations, in the form of grants, contracts and direct contributions. The School is committed to finding new ways to direct these resources back into the community, applying the theories and research developed in the classroom to help make a better world.


Public Policy Health and Medical Policy
International Commerce and Policy
Organization Development and Knowledge Management
Peace Operations Transportation Policy
Operations and Logistics

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