College of Science

College of Science

Acting Dean, Peggy Agouris

Research Council: Greg Foster
Centers, Faculty, Grants
Acronym: COS Unit Profile Phone: 703-993-1081
Location: Exploratory Hall, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030


The College of Science (COS) research enterprise is strong and growing, and involves theory, field programs, laboratory work, exploration, and numerical simulation and experimentation.

Our faculty is among world leaders probing the frontiers of modern science, contributing to vital discovery in life sciences, environmental prediction, homeland security, and basic knowledge of our world and universe.

We understand the importance of research to students in all stages of their education. Undergraduate? Graduate? You will find research opportunities here.  Grad students and post-doctoral fellows will encounter teaching positions or circumstances to establish research collaborations.

Supercomputing Center

The College of Science maintains a small supercomputing center that enables our scientists to prepare codes for execution at national labs or to run small production codes for innovative research.

Shared Research instrumentation Facility

The Shared Research Instrumentation Facility (SRIF) provides state-of-the-art, high-tech analytical instruments for conducting applied scientific research in the chemical and biochemical fields. SRIF’s selection of computer-controlled equipment is of the same high caliber as those found in advanced commercial and governmental laboratories. Use of the equipment is open to students, faculty, and staff at GMU by arrangement with the SRIF lab manager.


Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences (AOES)
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Environmental Science and Policy (ESP)
Geography and Geoinformation Science (GGS)
Mathematical Sciences 
School for Systems Biology (SSB)
School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences (SPACS)

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