SPACS Undergraduate Minor

Kirk Borne’s <> Undergraduate course on Data Science.

Proposed M.S. Program in Data Analytics Engineering

Proposed M.S. Program in Data Analytics Engineering to be offered by the Applied Information Technology Department. This is an interdisciplinary program being offered by the departments of Applied Information Technology, Computer Science, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, and Statistics. It consists of 15 Credits of Core Courses & 15 Credits Concentration Courses. The Core Courses are those in the certificate …

Data Analytics Graduate Certificate

Data Analytics Graduate Certificate, a 12 credit certificate program offered by the Volgenau School of Engineering, on a part-time basis. Comprises the following 4 courses:

AIT 580 – Analytics: Big Data to Information

CS 504 – Principles of Data Management and Mining

OR 531 – Analytics and Decision Analysis

STAT 515 – Applied Statistics and Visualization for Analytics

Health Informatics and Data Analytics Graduate Certificate

Health Informatics and Data Analytics Graduate Certificate course offered by the Department of Health Administration and Policy, College of Health and Human Services, aims to prepare clinicians and health care managers, as well as information technology (IT) professionals, to develop and manage health information technology systems. Students can focus on either (a) general health informatics, or (b) health data analytics …

External Affiliates

Maksim Tsvetovat <> , Chief Software Architect at Deep Mile, Inc. and author of the book “Social Network Analysis for Startups” published by O’Reilly. He is teaching the Big Data course CSS 739-001 offered by the department of Computation Social Science for Fall 2013.
Richard Heimann, Analytics Engineer at Data Tactics Corp. Instructor GIS 0270: Human …

Mason Big Data Research Inventory

Time Series Data Server (TSDS) website is a software package for implementing a server that provides fast super-setting, sub-setting, filtering, and uniform gridding of time series-like data. TSDS was developed to respond quickly to requests for long time spans of data. Data may be served from a fast database, typically created by aggregating granules (e.g., data files) from a …

Sachin Garg

Unit: School of Public Policy
Hubs: Big Data and Public Policy

Mason Big Data/Advance Analytics Leadership

Dr. Peggy Agouris  profile  website   – analysis of images

Dr. Georgio Ascoli  profile  website

Dr. Rob Axtell <>   website Professor and Chair, Department of Computational Social Science works at the intersection of multi-agent systems computer science and the social sciences, building so-called agent-based models of a variety of market and non-market phenomena.

Dr. Daniel Barbará <> …

Academic Units, Departments, and Research Centers

College of Health & Human Services  profile  website

Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics   profile  website

Center for Health Information Technology    profile  website


College of Humanities & Social Sciences    profile   website 

Center of Excellence in Neuroergonomics, Technology, and Cognition (CENTEC)   profile  website


College of Science  

Space Weather Lab

Mason’s Space Weather Lab emphasizes multi-disciplinary science that crosses traditional department boundaries. Students in our space weather program will develop a deep understanding of the Sun, the heliosphere, geospace, and there interactions.

The Space Weather Lab is conducting numerous big data research projects to improve our understanding of the physics of the connected Sun-Earth system.

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