Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think (Book)

From KurzeilAInet     March 25, 2013

Author:Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, Kenneth Cukier
Publisher:  Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2013)

A revelatory exploration of the hottest trend in technology and the dramatic impact it will have on the economy, science, and society at large.

Which paint color is most likely to tell you that a used car is in good shape? How can …

M2M Evolution Conference & Expo

Hear How M2M and The Internet of Things is Driving the Big Data Opportunity

Participate in any of the sessions and learn how to use big data analytics to drive smart business decisions for a wide variety of vertical applications.

Mason Big Data Research Overview

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Health Datapalooza

Health Datapalooza
DEADLINE:  February 13th, 2014
GOAL: Three Mason submissions that reflect the best work of which we are capable
CURRENTLY COMMITTED: Kumar Mehta and Annie Burris [no lead designated as yet]

NSF I/UCRC letter of intent

NSF I/UCRC letter of intent [non-binding; creates an option]
DEADLINE:  January 02, 2012
GOAL: Submit by this dealine
CURRENTLY COMMITTED:  Daniel Barbará, Kirk Borne, Kumar Mehta [lead]

External Showcase Event

DEADLINE: June 30, 2014
GOAL: Showcasing Mason’s Leadership in Advanced Analytics across an array of domains

Internal Event

Event–Internal (+ external closest collaborators, by invitation)
DEADLINE: February 28, 2014
GOAL: Jamboree, workshop, capacity mapping, idea-sharing

Mason Big Data Projects overview

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Mason Big Data Academics overview

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Big Data Courses

CSS 739-001 – Big Data course offered by the department of Computation Social Science. Instructor is Maksim Tsvetovat <>, Chief Software Architect at Deep Mile, Inc. Also, author of the book “Social Network Analysis for Startups” published by O’Reilly.



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