Internal Event

Event–Internal (+ external closest collaborators, by invitation)
DEADLINE: February 28, 2014
GOAL: Jamboree, workshop, capacity mapping, idea-sharing
CURRENTLY COMMITTED:  Daniel Barbará, Kirk Borne [lead], Kumar Mehta

From Peggy I think what we discussed was that initially it should be an internal event, to bring together Mason researchers and to provide a much needed forum for all of us to see what we have, who is working on what, and what collaborations can be formed. After having this event and an opportunity to discuss how we can come together as a cohesive interest group, then we can have a “showcase” event with external participation, and a career fair for students. If we do this from the beginning, I am afraid that we won’t be ready to present ourselves to the community in the best possible light and as impressively as we could.

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