URL and Twitter

Suggest that you think about getting a gmu.edu domain name that we can map the site to. I tried bigdata.gmu.edu and seems no one is using.  Doesn’t mean that someone might not have reserved the url.  Sachin can email Bob about who to talk to in ITU about a domain name and how the domain name can be mapped to http://masonbigdata.onair.cc/.
The phone number is (703) 993-9045l

In the notes state “We would like the site masonbigdata.gmu.edu to point to (Important: with an A Record).”

Then, I think that Aram needs to do something on his end.
 Also suggest getting a Twitter account.  You could put the Tweets on the home page in a widget like this Entrepreneurship @Mason hub site  I am building out with John Casey’s assistance.
BTW… Looks like @MasonBigData is available on Twitter.
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