Academic Units, Departments, and Research Centers

College of Health & Human Services  profile  website

Center for Discovery Science and Health Informatics   profile  website

Center for Health Information Technology    profile  website


College of Humanities & Social Sciences    profile   website 

Center of Excellence in Neuroergonomics, Technology, and Cognition (CENTEC)   profile  website


College of Science   profile  website


School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences  website
Department of Geography & Geoinformation Science  website  
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry   website   
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences  website   
School of Systems Biology  website 

Research Centers

Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine   profile website

Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics    profile  website

Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems (CSISS)      website 

Comprehensive Atmospheric Modeling Program (CAMP)    profile   website

Computational Materials Science Center (CMaSC)   profile   website

Joint Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing   profile  website

National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Disease   profile website

Space Weather Lab   profile  website

Center for Crash Analysis and Safety  


College of Visual and Performing Arts  profile  website

Simulation & Gaming Institute profile  website (site down)


Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study  profile   website

Center for Neural Informatics, Neural Structures, and Neural Plasticity    profile website

Center for Social Complexity    profile  website


School of Law   profile  website

Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security  profile   website


School of Public Policy   profile   website


The Volgenau School of Engineering      profile  website


Computer Science     website 
Applied Information Technology Department   website 
Systems Engineering & Operations Research  website 
Department of Statistics  website

Research Centers:

Learning Agents Center  profile  website



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