Mason Big Data/Advance Analytics Leadership

Dr. Peggy Agouris  profile  website   – analysis of images

Dr. Georgio Ascoli  profile  website

Dr. Rob Axtell <>   website Professor and Chair, Department of Computational Social Science works at the intersection of multi-agent systems computer science and the social sciences, building so-called agent-based models of a variety of market and non-market phenomena.

Dr. Daniel Barbará <>   website   Professor, Department of Computer Science. His research interests lie in the management and use of very large datasets and related fields of data mining and text classification. He holds 10 US patents.

Dr. Estela Blaisten-Barojas   profile   website

Dr. Kirk D. Borne <>   profile  website  Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science. He has been ranked the top Big Data Influencer on Twitter. He is also the Chair of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) Astroinformatics and Astrostatistics Research Collaboration Team which plans to generate a 20-petabyte science database and a 100-petabyte astronomical image archive. He is one of the originators of the field of Astroinformatics, which is data science for astronomy research and education. He is also involved in developing new pedagogies for science learning that engage students through active experiences using Big Data in the classroom.

Dr. Daniel B. Carr <>   profile  website    Professor of Statistics and Fellow, American Statistical Association. Dr. Carr’s work is primarily in the visualization of data and he has a co-authored a book on “Visualizing Data Patterns with Micromaps”.

Dr. Kenneth De Jong <> profile  website  Professor of Computer Science, head of the Evolutionary Computation Laboratory, and associate director of the Krasnow Institute. He has been involved in getting the various researchers together. Dr. DeJong’s has been instrumental in linking together the wider field of evolutionary computing.

Mr. Raj Kulkarni <>   website  Research Instructor, School of Public Policy. Trained as an engineer and computer scientist, Mr. Kulkarni has been researching the inter-disciplinary aspects of policy. He has worked on identifying and analyzing risks to the networks of critical infrastructure which also resulting in a US patent for developing a spatial and nonspatial systems approach to analysis of logical networks. He is currently researching various topics at the intersection of Big Data and policy.

Dr.Peggy J Maddox <>  Professor and Chair, Department of Health Administration and Policy. Dr. Maddox and the faculty at the Department have considerable expertise in computational science, systems engineering and computer science as it relates to applied health informatics, including a range of specialized knowledge and skills related to health information systems management, health analytics (including application of artificial intelligence and text mining) and corporate compliance/health data assurance etc. The department also has many training programs in the area of health informatics.

Dr. Kumar Mehta <>   Associate Professor, School of Management. Dr. Mehta researches Information Systems and has been working to apply data mining and analytics  to business decision making.

Dr. Dusan Odstrcil <> website   Research Professor, School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences. His interests lie in the area of space weather and he was a lead developer of the first large-scale, physics-based space weather prediction model that became operational in 2011.

Dr. Huzefa Rangwala <> profile  website Assistant Professor, Computer Science and the Machine Learning in Biomedical Informatics (MLBio+ Laboratory). His research interests span the areas of bioinformatics, chemoinformatics, data mining, and high performance computing. He is involved in developing computational methods for protein structure and function prediction, that have implications to drug design and discovery. The MLBio+ Laboratory is involved in interdisciplinary research aimed at the development of machine learning and data mining methods for problems in biology, medicine and social media analysis. There is an emphasis on developing novel algorithms, and engineering effective solutions to discover knowledge from emerging data. Current focus is in the areas of structural bioinformatics, next generation sequencing projects (genomics and metagenomics), cyber security and social media analysis

Dr. Claudio Cioffi-Revilla  profile   website

Dr. Hilton Root <>  website  , Professor, School of Public Policy. Dr. Root uses agent based models and related computational tools to examine three related areas: global power transition and the challenge of legitimacy; the comparative and historical dynamics of state-building; and the use of complexity models to understand the emergence and evolution of social institutions.

Dr. Laurie Schintler <>   website  , Associate Professor, School of Public Policy. Dr. Schintler has been researching complex network phenomena in transportation and telecommunication networks with a focus on policy. Currently, she has been mining large data sets like twitter feeds to identify policy relevant aspects of such data.

Anthony Stefanidis  profile   website   social interaction analysis

Dr. Gheorghe D Tecuci <tecuci@gmu.eduprofile  website  Professor, Computer Science and Director of the Learning Agents Center. Dr. Tecuci’s research interests lie in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, intelligent agents, machine learning and knowledge acquisition, knowledge engineering, knowledge representation and ontologies, problem solving and planning, intelligent tutoring systems, expert systems, natural language processing, applications of artificial intelligence. He has published over 185 papers, contributing to or originating new research areas like Multistrategy Learning, Instructable Agents, and Computational Evidence-Based Reasoning that are viewed as key enablers for the development of cognitive agents, and for the generalized application of artificial intelligence to complex real-world problems.

Dr. Anne L. Washington <>  website   , Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy. She is the Principal Investigator on an NSF RCN grant to develop the new field of Poli-Informatics that seeks to leverage ongoing advances in computer science, machine learning (broadly defined) and data visualization to promote analyses of very large and unstructured datasets related to the study of politics. More on this can be found at the PINet website:

Dr. Edward J. Wegman <>. website  Bernard J. Dunn Professor of Data Sciences and Applied Statistics; Director, Center for Computational Data Sciences.  He is interested in nonparametric inference, data mining and data visualization. He works on  mining data from streaming data and massive data sets and has recently been working on mining  social networks.

Dr. Chaowei Phil Yang <cyang3@gmu.eduprofile  website  Co-Director, Center of Intelligent Spatial Computing for Water/Energy Sciences. Director, NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Spatiotemporal Thinking, Computing, and Applications. Associate Professor, Department of Geography and GeoInformation Sciences, College of Science. His research focuses on utilizing spatiotemporal principles to optimize computing infrastructure to support science discoveries and engineering development. He has been funded as PI by multiple resources such as NSF and NASA with over $5M expenditures. He also participated/participates in several large projects total over $20M. He published over 100 papers, edited three books and six special issues for international journals. His publications have been among the top five cited and read papers of IJDE and CEUS. And his PNAS spatial computing definition paper is captured by Nobel Intent Blog.

Dr. Bob Weigel  profile  website



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